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Renting rather than owning, the benefits and the costs.

When deciding whether to rent or buy a car there are many factors you want to consider, the main ones being if you want your car long-term or short-term and what your budget is. For instance a rented car will be cheaper short-term but if you are looking to acquire a car long-term, the better […]

Vintage Cars In Transportation

Here are a few photos of the MG we collected today using one of your transporters. Very many thanks for excellent Wallis service – all worked well.                   The car is the sole survivor of the 1935/36 MG Works Trials Team, the “Three Musketeers”. They were very […]

What size of van and things to consider before hiring a van.

  When hiring a van there are many different things you must take into consideration, which many people often disregard. As this process is often rushed and largely unplanned,being quite spontaneous. Yet many people do not actually way out their options, leading many people to be quite unhappy with the van they’re renting. To prevent […]

What to hire and why

  So, we have a number of rental vehicles that can be used for a number of reasons, below are only some examples on why to hire the vehicles in question: –   LUTON VAN Very popular, if your moving house as this vehicle has a tail-lift and allows the heavy lifting to be assisted […]